General Description

A strong, active cob, full of quality and spirit coupled with an abundance of flowing mane, tail and leg hair.

Breed Standard

General Appearance and Characteristics:

The Traditional Gypsy Cob should be a strong, sturdy and powerful cob coupled with an abundance of luxuriant flowing mane, forelock, tail, and leg hair known as feather. 

Traditional Gypsy Cobs should always have plenty of heart room, and a deep girth to match.   They should display ample bone and should be well muscled within a broad compact body and powerful hindquarters.

They should have a kind, willing, intelligent and gentle disposition.  They are renown for their patient, kind and sensible nature.

Traditional Gypsy Cobs are extremely versatile, suited to both driving and riding they are ideal family horses.

Colour and Markings:

All Colours and Markings are Permitted.


Neat, small, sweet, noble and in proportion to the body.  Broad between the eyes which should be bright and alert, displaying a large kind eye.  Blue eyes are acceptable.


Small neat ears slightly incurving.


Strong and slightly arched and of a medium length.   The neck is to be well muscled and well set onto a good sloping shoulder.  Stallions should display a bold outlook with a well-arched crest.


Well laid, long, sloping shoulders.  Should not be fine at the withers.


Short coupled and a strong back of good outline, muscular loins, good deep well sprung ribs, which are round from the shoulders to the flank.  Plenty of depth from the wither to the girth.  Chest must be good and wide.


Deep, lengthy and powerful and displaying an apple shape.  Second thighs well muscled and let down.  Tail should be well set on – not too high, nor too low.

Feet, Legs and Joints:

Feet of good size, round and well formed, open at heels and well concaved.  Pasterns to be nicely sloping and of a good length.   Forelegs should be very well defined and muscular.  Well defined flat broad knees. Plenty of bone below the knee (eight inches at least).  Hocks should be well defined and not coarse. Canons should be short with clearly defined clean flat bone.

Mane, Tail and Leg Hair (Feather):

NATURAL abundance of  long flowing mane, forelock and tail hair.

Feather (leg hair) should start from the back of the knee and hock joints and cover the entire hoofHair should be straight and silky, curly hair is less desirable and course hair is not desirable.


Clean, active, straight and true. Going forward on 'all fours' with tremendous energy. The knee and hock should be powerful with a 'workmanlike' action with hind legs flexed well under the body for powerful drive.


Section D: Exceeding 14.3hh (149.86cm)

Section C: 14hh – 14.3hh (142.24cm – 149.86)

Section B: 13hh – 13.3hh (132.08cm  – 139.7cm)

Section A: Under 13hh (132.08cm) 

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