is the EU Mother Stud Book for the Breed

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to both promote and preserve the beautiful Traditional Gypsy Cob through education and strict registration standards and DNA proven Breeding. 

As an Established  Breed Society with 15 Affiliated Countries representatives ,  the TGCA  now serves as an independent  registry that provides International registration for all Traditional Gypsy Cobs  with traceable lineage, with its primary goal being the breeding of pure offspring of this unique, centuries-old breed of horse.

The Traditional Gypsy Cob horse well known for its beauty, luxuriant mane, tail and feathering, and powerful, workman like movement ,it  is also beloved for its easy-going temperament and companionable nature. The TGCA has over 145 affiliated Shows so   Whether competing for fun or in a competitive environment or  performing in carriage driving or just used for a trail ride, the TGC quickly becomes a member of the family.

TGCA  Registration


-Comprehensive Registry for Traditional Gypsy Cobs  


-Comprehensive Registry for  Part-Bred Traditional Gypsy Cobs including Drum horses / native / pony & sport crosses.


-Breeding Book Regulations based on Government Approved  mother stud book standards


-Basic Identity Registrations ( BIR)

TGCA  Entry level


-Supplementary stud book 2 ( SSB2) Registrations

( limited DNA proven breeding )


- Supplementary Stud Book 1  ( SSB1 ) Registrations

( Generations of DNA proven Breeding )


- Main Stud Book ( MSB)  ( the Ultimate Black Book !! )  

( completion of 5 GOLD STAR  Evaluations Program Including DNA breeding )


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Traditional Gypsy Cob



International American Registration
International Registration
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