TOYS 2016

TOYS 2017


Q . I qualified for TOYS In Hand Senior Final, what can I enter

A. All the In hand classes, but not young stock

Q. I qualified for TOYS Ridden Senior Final, what can I enter

A. The relevant Ridden final (i.e Height/Sex) classes, - inc Home Produced and Junior if applicable

Q. How can I book Stables?

A. Direct with Onley

Q. Can I Camp?

A. Yes, if you wish to have electric hook up please book with Olney.

Q. How do I enter?

A. Entries can be paid by post or online see links below.

Q. Does my stallion need to be licienced with TGCA to compete?

A. Yes all stallions over 4yrs old must hold an old style show licence or a new Performance evaluation, they must wear Stallion discs at all times.

Q. Do I need to be a member to attend TOYS

A. Yes you must be a member and your cob must also be registered with TGCA

The UK Traditional of the Year Show 'TOYS' 

TOYS, our prestigious annual national breed show, is the culmination of the showing season for Traditional Gypsy Cobs.

We have a HUGE variety of classes focusing on Performance as well as breed ambassadors in our search for the Best of Breed examples.

AT TOYS we turn the spotlight from dressage to showjumping; focus on juniors, breeders, home produced cobs and bloodlines as well as featuring our special concurs, agility, Tradtrek and Tradball!  Something for the novice to professional producer. 

"Dressage, Clear Round,  'addictive' Agility Classes, Tradball (!) and of course the sought after  BEST of BREED Supreme Championships Titles - all at TOYS"

TOYS is a real social event with the most fantastic atmosphere.  You can almost touch the excitement leading up to the judging of the Supreme Best of Breed Champions.

Owners, handlers & riders must be current members and all horses must be registered. 



We would be delighted to hear from you if would like to take up sponsorship, in which case please contact Head Office.