About the TGCA

The TGCA (Traditional Gypsy Cob Association) Ltd is a non-profit association, seeking to protect and promote the very best of our wonderful Traditional Gypsy Cob breed which originates from the British Isles and makes up the largest population of horses therein.  

The TGCA Ltd is the BREED ASSOCIATION approved by DEFRA to hold the Mother Studbook for Traditional Gypsy Cob Breed and as a Passport Issuing Office (PIO) in the UK and European Union.

The TGCA Ltd holds an international studbook with registered horses and members worldwide.  

Through our studbook we aim to record the old established bloodlines and encourage responsible forward breeding practices, so that we can uphold and build upon the legacy of these horses whilst maintaining the quality and true-to-type stamp of cobs as set out in our Breed Standard. 



History and Growth 

The TGCA was first launched in 2005 as amazingly there was no formal verifiable studbook or recognition for our native Traditional Gypsy Cobs as a breed.  As a consequence these magnificent horses in their full feathered glory and rainbow of colours had no place in the show ring.  

Our growth rate and achievements since 2005 have been absolutely tremendous.  We have collected DNA, launched studbooks, breed passports, licensing schemes, showing shows and merchandise.  In 2012 we held 130 breed shows across Great Britain, culminating in our extremely well attended national breed show, the Traditional of the Year Show (TOYS).    

In the summer of 2012 DEFRA formally approved the TGCA as the Breed Association for Traditional Gypsy Cobs and as a Passport Issuing Office (PIO).  This means that our breed now has the formal recognition that it deserves and we truly have created a place where we can enjoy, protect and promote these wonderful horses.

With an International Studbook, Passport Service, License scheme, UK National Show and a passionate bunch of people, we hope our vision will protect the true Traditional Gypsy Cob, a Native Breed of Great Britain. 
Our Members 

Our membership has grown from strength to strength and includes owners, breeders, judges and friends of Traditional Gypsy Cobs (TGCs) throughout the UK and Worldwide.


Registration on our studbook is open to ALL TGCs in ALL Countries and regardless of whether parentage is known or not. 

If you would like to be involved with the TGCA, you will be made to feel very welcome!

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                            International Territory Representatives 

TGCA France   

Website : www.tgca.fr

These organisations represent the TGCA Ltd in territories outside of the UK.  They are responsible for promoting the breed and delivering member services in their designated territory.  This includes providing members with opportunities to showcase their horses and progeny through the implementation of a structured show series.  

Members of these organisations have automatic (free) membership of the TGCA Ltd including access to member pricing for studbook services (available only from TGCA Ltd) and voluntary addition to the TGCA Ltd facebook forum. 

All studbook functions will be managed by TGCA Ltd and will not be delegated. TGCA Ltd is the sole provider of these studbook services such as horse registration and passports. Territory representative organisations may become involved only to the extent that they can provide translation and paperwork coordination for their territory.