Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA) Series – all you need to know 

TGCA Horse Championship - all you need to know

Open to horses and ponies registered with the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA), this championship is becoming more and more popular for owners and riders of this much-loved breed.

Originally bred by the Romany Gypsy families to pull their wagons across the length and breadth of England and Ireland, the Traditional Gypsy Cob had to be a hardy, fearless, intelligent and powerful, yet docile and patient enough for the whole family to handle. These horses were bred for many generations solely in the UK and Ireland for their temperament, stamina, strength and versatility. 

Over the years, they’ve gradually found their way into the hearts of many people who recognise their practicality and no-nonsense approach to life. This lovely temperament, coupled with intelligence and eye catching, active paces makes them a great choice for those wanting an honest, hardworking dressage partner.

What levels do they run at?

  • Intro
  • Prelim
  • Novice
  • Elementary
  • Medium

Who can compete?

  • Open to any horse or pony registered with Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA).
  • At the championship there will be one section for purebreds and one section for Part breds TGCA Horses each level.
  • This is open to current Full and Club members. Those who have never competed BD before are welcome. 
  • They’re run under BD/Quest rules and combinations must be eligible for the level at which they wish to compete.

Which organisations do I need to be a member of to be able to qualify?

BD membership/ registration to qualify;

Intro – Prelim Bronze
Prelim silver, Novice and above 

For the final;

Associated British Dressage Championships 2022.

The Elite Equine Associated Championships are a showcase of the vast variety of horses training and competing with BD, with title opportunities for all breeds, sizes and types, from Connemaras to Clydesdales.

Riders may qualify for the Championship on a Club, Full or Trial membership, or Associate registration with a class ticket – all you need is three scores over 60% at your chosen level and section! Compete for titles associated with the TGCA full and Part Bred registered ponies are eligible to compete. 

Remember, the full rules are in the British Dressage Members’ Handbook, download online! information Need to know Qualification January to August Sections Bronze, Silver and Gold Associated Championships October/November date tbc.

Levels Intro to Prix St Georges. Please check each title opportunity to see levels are offered. Where to qualify Standard BD and Quest shows.

 Eligibility Combinations must be eligible for Bronze, Silver or Gold sections for the level they wish to qualify in accordance with BD Rules. Combinations may compete and qualify at different levels but can only compete in two consecutive levels at the final

The finals in 2022 are at Bury Farm date to be confirmed in Oct or Nov. 2022

  • All horses and riders must be full BD members.
  • All horses and riders must be registered with TGCA http://tgca.co.uk/

How do I qualify?

  • The qualification period for the Associated Championships is 1 January 2022 to 31 August 2022.

    To qualify for the Associated Championships, all you need to achieve is three scores over 60% within the level and section (Bronze, Silver and Gold) you wish to qualify for in accordance with the BD rules which can be found in the Members' Handbook. The qualification criteria is the same for all Championships and all classes. 

Please note: The winning combination at each level at the final will not be eligible for the same level or below in future years and must compete at a higher level.

What shows can I get my scores at?

  • Scores can be gained in any regular BD affiliated competition or BD Team/My Quest competition. To see a list of competitions please visit
  • Score sheets from Area Festivals, Regionals, Winter or National Championships and Quest Regional or Quest National Championships, may not be used towards qualification. 

Can I compete at different levels?

  • Combinations may compete and qualify at different levels but can only compete in two levels/classes at the final. 

How do I know when I have qualified?

  • Once you have achieved your three qualifying scores, you need to register your qualification with BD. 
  • Please fill in the qualification form and then send an e-mail to fixtures@britishdressage.co.uk or post to;
    • British Dressage, Meriden Business Park, Copse Drive, Meriden, West Midlands CV5 9RG, stating where and when you achieved your three qualifying scores.
  • You’ll then receive an invitation to the final with all the championships details.
  • Andrea Betteridge at the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association: tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com 07725 832192

'How to' become Dressage Members

1ST STEP – Ensure Horse is passported/Overstamped with TGCA - If not SEND 4 PICTURES OF YOUR HORSE – requesting confirmation that your equine meets the breed standard either Full Traditional or Part bred

email these to meadowfarmuk@aol.com make sure you include your name, contact details and horses registered name in the email

2nd STEP -- click here to down load the passport application forms  or Click Here to download overstamp form

3rd STEP -- Both Owner and rider must be members of TGCA Click Here to download membership application form

4th STEP - PAYMENT – On line payment can be made here > CLICK for payment

Make sure you fill in each part clearly in CAPITAL letters

1st Member Name

TGCA & BD Dressage Championships