Stallions wishing to compete at TGCA classes including Quest shows and TOYS MUST first obtain a performance evaluation. 

Please complete and submit the evaluation application form.

The performance evaluation is not our endorsement of the quality of the stallion, rather it is about his manners, handling and discipline. The TGC breed temperament is of a calm, kind disposition and the TGCA will not tolerate any stallions displaying bad manners, an ill temper or being generally unruly including bad handling.

No DNA or vetting is required for a performance evaluation and no covering certificates will be issued.

Applicants will be required to attend one TGCA evaluation  day.

In the event that you are not awarded a performance evaluation then you may only present again at the discretion of the Stallion evaluation committee and at a venue of their choice. 

Without this performance evaluation Stallions of 4 years and over MAY NOT compete in TGCA classes.

If a stallion is not on our website, then it is not a licensed TGCA stallion.