Herd Registrations

What are Herd registrations?

The TGCA is the official mother studbook of the Traditional Gypsy Cob. By registering your horses with the TGCA you can advertise that they are recognized and identified as the historic Traditional Gypsy Cob Breed. The TGCA can register your horses with or without breeding, there is no requirements for recorded breeding. We can register and overstamp herds with existing passports, as well as passporting horses without previous having documents

Herd Registrations (For horses with existing passports)

Wish to register your herd with the TGCA at a reduced rate? Please follow the steps below:

STEP 1 – SEND 4 PICTURES OF EACH HORSE – Requesting confirmation that your equine meets the breed standard email these to tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com #  make sure you include your name, contact details and each horses name in the email. PLEASE INCLUDE THE NAME OF EACH HORSE WITH THEIR PICTURES

STEP 2 -- Click here to download the OVER STAMP application forms 

STEP 3  -- Complete forms and send in with all horse's existing passports

STEP 4 -- EU OVERSEAS APPLICATIONS ONLY – SEND A COPY OF ALL PAGES OF YOUR PASSPORT- you will receive an official TGCA REGISTRATION CERTIFCATE (Non UK). In addition you may be eligible for an official record of Verified Pedigree.

STEP 5 -- TGCA will invoice you through PayPal using the below Herd Registration reduced rates:

1 - 5 Horses      £35pp

6 - 10 Horses    £30pp

11 - 20 Horses  £25pp

21+ Horses       £20pp