Historic Stallions are carefully and individually selected at the discretion of the TGCA in recognition of their collective importance in the evolution and ongoing refinement of the breed.

Hermits Alfie of Brackenhill @ Custom Chrome Traditional Gypsy Cobs (HSR05SL)


Owned by:

Nancy Brown & James Jaworski, Canada



Valentino (HSR01SL)


Height: 14.2 

DOB: 2004

Owned by: Fran J Scott, U.S. 

email: remmepark@comcast.net 

contact: 443 375 0079

Registered GHRA 

Valentino (Tonka x Lottery x Lenny?s horse) is a wonderful example of the Classic Traditional Gypsy Cob. He is very typey in conformation, temperament, bone with an abundance of hair that has made him world renowned. With a DNA proven, eleven generation pedigree he hails from the highest quality, most revered Gypsy horses on the planet. He is bold, silly, energetic, intelligent and very willing. He is a joy to breed and is very kind to his mares. We offer him for live cover, and AI. Owned and loved by Fran J Scott.

St Clarins (HSR04SL)

Height: 15.1

Owned by:

Celeste Huston, U.S.

Sire: The Business aka The Boss 



St Clarins is a beautiful silver dapple stallion, now in the U.S. He was awarded the Gypsy Breed Ambassador by the voting committee of the 2012 NAGA show in Oregon.

~ 2010 all round champion and supreme champion of FW world show~

Woolly Mammoth (HSR03SL)


Owned by: SD Farm, UK



 Woolly Mammoth is incredibly generous in passing along his substantial attributes, nice flat bone, incredible feather and that distinctive powerhouse body. You have only to look at his offspring to realize why SD Woolly Mammoth is such a legendary stallion. 

Vines Nobby (HSR02SL)

Owned by:

Nancy Brown & James Jaworski, Canada


Sire: The Lottery

Dam: Vines Belle 

Famous Worldwide this UK bred Stallion is now residing in Canada. The first Gypsy inducted into the Hall Of Fame, a N.American Gypsy Cob Living Legend honouree, as well as a TGCA Historical Stallion.

Nobby's notoriety comes from his contribution as a breeding stallion and the value of his progeny.

SD Jim (HSR06SL)

 Owned by: SD Farm West, USA

Sire: Bob the Blagdon

Son of the infamous Lob

Dam: The Sweeper Mare 





 SD Jim has sired many wonderful offspring including SD Flash Harry, SD Flash William, SD Pink Dolly.