Part Bred Passports

Part Bred Traditional Gypsy Cob Association Register - equine passport issued with registration, open to animals with a TGCA registered parent.

Minimum 50% Gypsy Cob

Remaining 50% can be any other breed , but must be proven to be either sire or dam, by means of covering certificate or, & DNA Profiling subject to individual requests from the TGCA taken on individual merit.

Where the dam (or sire) of a Part-bred foal is not registered with the Relevant Breed Society, they are reminded that they should send a photocopy of the sire/dam’s pedigree and accurate breed information with their application to allow full pedigree details to be included in the foal’s registration. Unlicensed stallions will be noted as such.

Animals of no known or unproven breeding, but who display clear TGCA characteristics, may be accepted into the Partbred Register on visible evidence only. All such applications are treated individually and require TGCA approval .

Sections for the register will be offered as :

PONY - UNDER 132CM- 50% Traditional Gypsy Cob, the remaining 50% to be made up of any individual Native Pony Breed as registered under 132cm with their own breed society breed requirements.

NATIVE -132- 141 cm

SPORT – 142cms -

DRUM - The Drum Horse must be a combination of Shire, Clydesdale and 50 % Traditional Gypsy Cobs. Shires and Clydesdales crossed with gypsy cobs will breed true to type, and the outcome will be consistently predictable

Section D: 150 cms and over

Section C: 142 cms to 149.9 cms

Section B: 132 cms to 141.9 cms

Section A: Under 132 cms

1ST STEP – SEND 4 PICTURES OF YOUR HORSE – requesting confirmation that your equine meets the breed standard

email these to t[email protected]  make sure you include your name, contact details and horses registered name in the email

2nd STEP -- click here to down load the OVER STAMP application forms 


EU OVERSEAS APPLICATIONS ONLY – SEND A COPY OF ALL PAGES OF YOUR PASSPORT- you will receive an official TGCA REGISTRATION CERTIFCATE (Non UK). In addition you may be eligible for an official record of Verified Pedigree.