The TGCA is a Breed society and Passport Issuing Authority

The TGCA has 8,000 members covering 35 countries

7,000 horse registered

A minimum of 200 a month registering.

145 qualifying shows each year – your company logo on every rosette = 810 specific potential targets.

95 Quest 4 a Star championships = 190 Champions

HOYS Qualifier

75 GO 4 Glory Part Bred Championship’s = 150 champions potential targets

British Dressage /TGCA championship


Traditional of The Year Show – 3 days and 3 gala evenings Fun packed Event full of The world wide show case of The Traditional Gypsy Cob.


TGCA SPONSOR £5k package: Offers you all as shown in the Official TGCA sponsors table.

We can offer a bespoke Sponsor package: which will include all the TGCA show partner superb Advertising offers plus:


Your company information included in each membership and registration processed which is sent out world wide


Your company name on our distinguished Gala championship arena


*** Traditional of The Year ***

This amazing award is promoted worldwide as a flagship for the Quality and Standard of the Breed. It will carry your Company Name.

TGCA Friend - £5 - £10 - £15

For those who want to give that little bit extra. Various packages for all supporters! Have your name as a supporter on the official TGCA website!

Become a TGCA Friend!
Bronze Package - £100
For those sponsors who want to get their name out there on the scene! Packages includes website sponsorship, class sponsorship and a whole lot more! Please email tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com for details

Silver Package - £150
For those sponsors who like that bit extra! As well as all the bronze benefits, they also receive a championship sponsorship!  Please email tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com for details

Gold - £250
For those sponsors that really want to make their mark! With added advertising space and the option of a trade stand, what's there to miss??  Please email tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com for details

Platinum - £1k+
For those sponsors that wish to keep a lasting mark! With an added 12 months advertising on both our TOYS and TGCA website, you'll really get your name out there! Please email  tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com for details

Diamond - £2k+
For those sponsors that want to wow; with an added front page logo and full page advert, you'll really catch peoples attention!  Please email tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com for details

TGCA Show Partner - £5k+
For our most generous sponsors; over 150 show schedule advertisements, 12 months of front page TGCA website advertisement and email signature advertising, what better way to get your company out there! Please email tgcaheadoffice@gmail.com  for details